Founded in 1973, Construction Santa Barbara has only provided comprehensive contracting and construction services in California for over four decades.

With a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience that back them up, we remain to be the most sought-after contracting company because we always get the work done the first time. We don’t play around and we do our work efficiently and fast.

We understand the need to provide our customer with better shelters and repairs, thus, we aim to always finish within the deadline if not before and this is without compromising the safety of a building project and taking into consideration every detail that matters to our customers.

Construction Santa Barbara is also a dedicated home repair service provider. No repairs are too small or too big for us. We take pride on our ability to attend to every customer’s housing repair needs immediately 24/7. Our in-house technicians specializes on different repair service from a simple roof repair to other more complicated renovations that require tearing down walls and making new rooms for a family’s convenience.

We always see to it that we make a difference to every household we rendered service to and make it better than new.  We go the extra mile to ensure that we only leave our customer always satisfied.

A unique aspect to our business is the wide range of contracting services that we offer to our customers. In addition to general contracting and home repair, Construction Barbara also offers kitchen and home remodeling services that are second to none!

With our highly-trained and professional employees, there is no better group of individuals to have work on your construction project. They are passionate about their work and they are highly experienced. They live to uphold the company’s core values of being customer-centric, honest and courteous at all cost and keeping their work the best in the industry. We even hire only those who passed the series of background check to ensure our customers’ security.  Here at MG Construction, we don’t overlook any details that may endanger our clients. This is why after how many decades, we still remain to be on top of the competition.

Don’t just take our word for it. Contact Construction Santa Barbara now and experience only the best contracting and construction company in town.