deckConstruction Santa Barbara is your number one location for your general contractor needs. We will accept any project, at any time, at any place! We are the one and only premier contracting service in the area and we are always open for your business.


  • Deck Construction— Do you want an additional living space where it is possible to entertain friends and/or family members for weekend barbecues or the likes? Construction Barbara has it covered for you. We have been constructing decks of all types for years and we are experts in this area! We even bring forth modern designs that will surely make your families and friends inviting themselves in your home.

    Driveways and Sidewalks— Driveways and sidewalks are important pieces of any property, and great care must be taken to insure that their construction is held to a high standard. At Construction Barbara, we aim to provide only service that is of best quality. As such, our team of contractors only uses the best materials and the latest technology in our sidewalk and driveway construction.

  • General Construction— Construction Santa Barbara is well adept to handle any construction requests. We are highly-skilled in using various construction techniques to our advantage. We do not cater only to the needs of individuals from Santa Barbara, we reach out to the nearby towns and areas as well. No job is too difficult for us.


deck-1Simply put, many people do not have enough time to make standard repairs around their house. With time, most things within a home will require upkeep and repair. Things like dishwashers, washing machines, other appliances, along with woodwork and outdoor features, break down and can cost a lot of time to fix properly. These tasks tend to add up and pile on stress to any homeowner, which is something no one wants to deal with.

At Construction Santa Barbara, we are your handyman. We complete the repairs around your home that are soaking up your time. Anytime you need handyman repairs, you can call us and be assured that the job will be done right. We have built our business helping our customers with their household upkeep, and we would be delighted to assist you.

We are also prepared to fulfill any request for our handyman services. Our professional and experienced employees utilize their vast experience along with state of the art repair techniques and technologies. These methods allow our workers to complete repair jobs in an efficient, accurate, and cost-saving way that allows us to pass on the savings to our valued customers! Whether your kitchen sink is leaking and needs to be fixed, or your wood paneling in your living room needs to be re-stained, Construction Santa Barbara will get the job done right!



For sure after some time, you are beginning to rethink the structure of your homes. May it be as simple as reconstructing your kitchen to fit some state of the art modern kitchen appliances or tearing down the walls between two rooms to make it one that is larger and more comfortable for a budding family, Construction Santa Barbara is the right contracting service for you. We make it right and we make it fast. There is an assurance that you can utilize the remodelled part of your home at a soonest possible time. We do not waste time and we always think of the convenience of our valued customers.

Call Construction Santa Barbara now and you’ll never regret the choice you’ll make. We are simply the best and you deserve it. Book your appointment with us now!